I feel that is important to remember, record, and reflect upon our creative journeys – both the good and bad. I like the idea of taking challenging experiences and turning them into life lessons that empower and propel me forward. Sometimes, I really need those reminders, those encouraging thoughts…to get me through tough times. So I decided to make myself a book of notes and here on the blog, I will be sharing the entire process. I hope that you will be inspired to make one for yourself, with your own words of wisdom and life experiences. I have no doubt that it will be a meaningful project…whether you define yourself as a scrapbooker, an art journaler or simply a creative soul at heart.

Where did the idea come from?

A few years ago, I started a series of graphic posters based on little phrases that were important to me. Simple encouragements and motivations like “remember to breathe” and “enjoy the ride.”  I loved the idea of capturing these pick-me ups, but the posters seemed a bit cold and impersonal. Nothing wrong with a motivational poster…but I wanted something more and wasn’t sure where to go with it.

Then one day, a blog friend emailed about my work – Chel from gingerblue – thank you my dear! She wrote to tell me that I was inspiring to her and perhaps I should teach classes! We got to talking about various interests and hobbies and  I was so honored and touched by her encouragement. From that email, an idea was sparked. It just clicked from our conversations that my series of notes should be turned into a scrapbook. I thought the process would be a great online class of sorts… I was giddy with excitement!

Why a scrapbook?

The story behind my little notes was the big missing component. That is why I immediately thought scrapbook, because I needed the story…the connection to a prior experience… the memory… to make my note more meaningful and more powerful. It’s one thing to say “laugh every day” period, versus “laugh every day” and remember that difficult time…you thought the smiles would never come back, but then Dad said something totally ridiculous and we all burst out laughing? Yeah. I wanted to create a book of wise words with concrete memories behind them…so I could turn to them for encouragement and perspective.

That said, it doesn’t mean it has to be a traditional scrapbook with corresponding photos. It is whatever you want it to be…an art journal, a mixed media altered book, a set of scrapbook layouts, a minibook. You can define it how you like. Mine happened to turn into a book of memories that incorporates a corresponding story with each note. However, not all pages include a photo because I might not have one from that specific time. However, your memories can be recorded in many different ways. The important point is in incorporating personal stories and elements. The personal component puts my notes in context and makes them vivid and strong.

So join me!

I would love to share my entire process of creating this book and although I don’t claim to be a professional teacher in any way…I do hope that by sharing the process, ideas and designs…I will be providing helpful instruction. Each and every one of us should create what suits our needs, style and story…so ultimately I am giving you a springboard of inspiration. I think we all need to me reminded of how much we’ve gone through at times…so I very much think of this as a strength book, an experience book, a record of what I’ve learned and how strong and brave I have already been…and can be. I don’t know why it is so easy to overlook all those experiences at times. That’s why we need to make a record of our life experiences…

If you are interested, please follow this blog as I will post the entire process here, step by step.  Also feel free to leave a comment and say hello with your blog address or Flickr link if you plan to share your progress. I would love to see and follow along! 🙂

Thank you to everyone for stopping by and showing support for my work, as always. Grazie and ciao ciao!

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