Today’s prompt for LOAD was about favorite songs from the past and I immediately thought of Oasis. I was so obsessed, seriously! I grabbed some photos online and created a simple digital layout.

After printing it all out, I added sewing around the page, a popped up heart and some diecut shapes in the right column area. It took me forever to die-cut the text right side up though… have to bop my head a few times for that. So silly. Since there’s so much going on, didn’t feel like adding anything else.

Journaling reads:

It all started at Islands in Brea, California. My friends and I were having lunch when the mesmerizing notes of Champagne Supernova started playing on the radio. Somehow the love for this band became a complete obsession. My friend Carol and I were crazy over them. We bought every single magazine that mentioned their name, we had all their albums, singles, boxed sets, printed books, and even interview CDs. It was most definitely more than an appreciation of their music. We were both crazy infatuated with the brothers, Liam and Noel Gallagher… both of them for completely opposite reasons. grew up listening to Oasis, reflecting upon their music and lyrics. Somehow it all applied most seriously and deeply to my life and feelings. During my college years, I remember flying to Las Vegas to see a show at the Hard Rock Cafe… even though it was finals week. However, over time I became less frenzied and less little- screaming-teenaged-girl. Maybe I just grew up or maybe because the band changed and grew as well. But listening to the songs today still brings back happy times and great memories. Thinking about it now, I appreciate how music helped me bond with others. It also helped me reflect upon my own thoughts and emotions. Sometimes when you listen to a song, you can relate and feel something so strong… but you can’t put it in words. You just know that it’s important. The language of music and song is still magical to me…

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