Have you seen Babiekins Magazine before? It’s about style and comfort for your kids, featuring fashion items, new designs, party ideas and projects for your children. It’s a beautiful magazine with stunning photography and styling. I love how it inspires us all to be a bit stylish and trendsetting, especially our cute little ones. Ultimately, I think it motivates mother and child to see all the beauty around us.

I had the honor of creating an illustration for issue 8 and had so much fun drawing up those stylish children characters. Check out the magazine for yourself and take a peek on page 85-86. (You might hear music from a video that is on page 71-72, super cute!) I’m so proud of my little accomplishment, so had to share the news.

And in even happier news, Babiekins is actually going to be in print October 2012! It’s refreshing to know that beautiful magazines will still be printed. Sometimes you just want to physically flip through inspiring images, you know?


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