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Lately, I’ve been thinking about how we often search for the magic bullet. The one tool or resource we are needing to achieve our goals and take our life to the next level.

It’s the belief that we need something that we don’t yet have to be successful.

The funny thing is, if you think about your own history of achievements you will probably start to notice that there was never one tool or one thing that really helped you to succeed overnight. It’s usually a series of actions that led you to a certain result. And maybe there were turning points or eureka moments along the way, but the foundation of you – who you are – was more or less the same before and after.

So the amazing realization is that you actually already have all you need inside of you, right now, to succeed.

Success is reachable and often we even know what we want. We have hopes and dreams and goals. It’s just a matter of actually tackling them, planning for success and believing in the process.

I have found that we often fail before we even begin, because we give up. It might seem like too much work. It might seem like such a far off destination. We doubt and fear and convince ourself it’s impossible. Maybe we can’t see past the horizon, because it’s such a big goal.

But if you zoom out, the journey is there, the road is there… you just have to keep going and keep following the path.

So my point is that we often have all we truly need to succeed in life. There isn’t a magical wand that changes things over night. Unfortunately, that’s only in the storybooks.

But the long journey can seem fast and furious, when you are in your flow and know your path. So it’s largely mindset and perspective on the journey that truly matters.

If you knew that you were just 30 days from the destination, then that’s something to work towards. When it’s just “someday” then that’s much less convincing or helpful.

So with these thoughts in my mind, I thought it’s high time to properly plan for 2018. I’m determined to work things out and I thought I would share the process with all of you.

I’m making printables to help guide my own planning process for the year. I hope that by sharing my printables, they will help you find clarity and plan the best possible year as well.

We aren’t yet finished with 2017, but with November known as the gratitude month, I think it’s a good time to reflect about the past year.

Start with celebrating your successes and expressing gratitude for where you are now.

No matter what has happened in your year so far, there’s always something to celebrate, learnings to chalk up and blessings to savor in.

Even if your list of accomplishments is a short one or just tiny things, there are always lessons learned and experience to add to our record.

Download the celebrate success worksheet in your preferred paper size below and take your time to journal your thoughts and feelings and start your yearly planning.

free printable celebrate successes

Download TG Planning1 Celebrate A4

Download TG Planning1 Celebrate LETTER

It’s really important to take stock of your current situation and I like to start with successes and good feelings. You can even print this sheet multiple times if you need more room – don’t hold back! Write it all out on paper, to get it all out!

If you like this printable, check out the perpetual calendar and planner printables I’ve created. It’s a great way to get organized for success!

free printable perpetual calendar planner pages

TG Perpetual Planning Pages A4

TG Perpetual Planning Pages LETTER

So, I hope these free  planner printables will help you in your productivity and planning. Enjoy for your personal use and don’t miss out on any of my printable posts moving forward – just sign-up for my email newsletter here >>