free printable calendar planner pages

Who doesn’t want to be organized and plan for success, right?

I’ve always loved notebooks, stationery and planning… but always found it difficult to fit myself into a specific format, a specific number of pages and all the pre-printed planner systems out there.

I have always found myself wasting pages, skipping pages and often not having enough of certain pages. It’s a one size does not fit all situation.

That’s why I turned to creating printables and came up with my own set of perpetual planner pages.

I have tried bullet journaling and love the flexibility, but I also found redrawing boxes to be a waste of my time in the long-term.

Creating a perpetual, flexible printable design was the in-between that suits my needs.

These perpetual planner pages are between the two spectrums. It’s ready-made and easily printed again and again, but you can fill in the dates and use the unlabelled lined, list and blank pages for a variety of planning needs. I find this system to works the best for me.

You will get printable pages in both A4 or Letter sized PDFs for:

  • year-long, 12 month calendar of goals page
  • monthly calendar at-a-glance page
  • weekly calendar at-a-glance with notes page
  • check list lined note page
  • half page blank note page
  • full page blank brainstorming page


free printable perpetual calendar planner pages


These perpetual calendar and planner pages will help you:

  • plan your year-long goals, be your future log and record important dates that you want to see year-at-a-glance
  • organize your monthly calendar, blog, or menu planning in a month-at-a-glance view
  • organize your weekly tasks along with a notes checklist page
  • organize your lists and to-dos no matter how many pages you need
  • help you braindump, draw or mindmap ideas on blank pages



TG Perpetual Planning Pages A4

TG Perpetual Planning Pages LETTER

So, I hope these free  planner printables will help you in your productivity and planning. Enjoy for your personal use and don’t miss out on any of my printable posts moving forward – just sign-up for my email newsletter here >>

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