Check out these posters for activism in multiple skin tones. You can download these free PDF posters featuring a heart in a fist hand.

Freebie: Posters for Activism in multiple skintones

Previously, I posted free printable black lives matter and antiracist protest signs for download and after receiving some feedback, I thought it would be nice to create a set of posters with the same fist and heart motif, but in multiple skin tones.

In these variations I don’t have any specific slogan or phrase, because I’m thinking you can write your own message when creating a protest sign. Also, my thought is that the symbol itself is about activism from the heart for the good of everyone. Are you an activist?

It’s really symbolic in terms of pledging to yourself that you will pay attention and do what you can. You can decorate your house, your planner, your refrigerator, etc as a reminder to keep yourself accountable. Keep reading, learning, listening and doing what you can to help make this world a better place.

For those who are crafters like me, we also love to have imagery for memory keeping, papercrafting, writing letters, etc – so these printables can be used in a variety of ways for your paper projects as well.

Of course, the skin tones I have included are by no means a perfect representation of all skin tones possible. I wanted to include a variety, but obviously when it comes to printing on paper, subtle differences in color and even certain colors in general might not print as you see them on the computer screen. So ultimately, it’s just an indication, an idea, a representation to show diversity amongst activists.

I love the idea that creativity and illustration can help one to express their feelings. I hope that by sharing this heart in fist hand motif… I can start a wave that ripples out into the world.

Download Posters for Activism in Multiple Skin Tones

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FREE DOWNLOAD: Posters for Activism in Multiple Skin Tones

Download Activism Heart in Fist Hand Printables PDF

I have to admit that the more I learn, the more I am angry, frustrated and saddened… there’s so much going on and there are so many emotions… It’s just not easy to come to terms with the injustice and the worst thing is feeling helpless and unable to enact change.

Although the protests started in the United States, the effects have been global and protests have been seen across the globe. Ultimately, racism is a problem everywhere – no one is untouched – whether overtly or unconsciously. I believe that we have to actively work on making this world better for everyone and every little action ripples out into the world.

When I channel my energy to design, to help provide resources and to focus also on the good and positivity that is possible… that is at least a little something that I can do from where I stand. I know that it can feel overwhelming at times – I feel it too – but positive energy can make a difference – we can make a change – we just have to keep on moving forward.

I hope these printables will provide you with a starting point or as a helpful resource and tool for expressing your feelings and ultimately as a catalyst for making change in this world. Sending you love where ever you are!

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