Looking for printable black lives matter protest signs and posters? Download these FREE poster designs for your personal use and keep spreading the word!

My beloved country of America is currently in much turmoil over the injustice and racism that runs rampant no only in the criminal justice system – but throughout all aspects of living in a society that was designed for the privilege of white men.

Printable Black Lives Matter and Anti Racist Poster Signs

I too am angry. I too am sad. I too am frustrated.

If you want to learn more and take action, I recommend checking out the Obama website here for more details. 

Also, I wanted to share some designs that I have created, if you are going out to protest and want to make a sign with them. I also think it’s helpful and important to openly display your support for BIPOC and declare your anti-racism in general. You can put these up in your house, in your office, on your doors and neighborhood spaces. I think it’s important to declare it!

Download Printable Black Lives Matter + Antiracist Signs and Posters

The PDF file includes 6 pages of printables, so you can choose what works for you.

free printable black lives matter and first heart anti racist poster sign

DOWNLOAD: Free Printable Black Lives Matter Anti Racist PDF

It took me awhile to realize it, but I know now that it is extremely important to DECLARE that you are ANTIRACIST. Why? Because we NEED to ACTIVELY change the system and correct the injustices in our society. Although there is a huge problem in America, racism exists everywhere and so this is truly a global problem. I’m Asian, born in America and now living in Italy. Most of my family is still in California and there are so many emotions running through me at the moment… I had to do whatever I could… even if I’m far away.

BTW, you can find me on Instagram as @tortagialla  and my Facebook art page here  and I’m also on Twitter here. Thank you in advance!

I hope that by sharing designs – something I’m able to do right now – can help spread awareness, enable you to declare your intentions and push this movement along. Does protest make you feel uncomfortable? Maybe this will help you understand on IG by Trevor Noah.

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Black Lives Matter with fist heart design

Fist heart design

Anti Racist with fist heart design

Black lives matter on black with fist heart design

Fist heart design on black

Anti Racist with fist heart design on black

Want more printable designs?

After receiving feedback and suggestions, I decided to create another set of posters for activism in multiple skin tones for free download here.

My name is Linda and I’m a graphic designer, born and raised in Los Angeles and currently living in Italy. I regularly share free printable designs on this blog for free download, so check out all the freebies and don’t miss out on new posts by signing-up for my email newsletter >>

Thank you for your support! Keep spreading the word and share this post with anyone who could use these designs.