I’m not sure what it is, but everyone seems to love the look and feel of vintage maps. I’m definitely no exception and one day would love to have a variety of vintage maps framed in my house. Besides the fun of learning a bit of geography when we look at maps, it’s also fun to discover what has changed since the map had been created. There are so many party games that can come out of having a few maps on your wall too! Anyway, I thought it would be cool to use a vintage world map as part of an airmail design that you can print and fold to become a postcard. I found this cool map that has different routes drawn out – like you are sending your postcard across the world.

Vintage Map Airmail Postcard - Printable on tortagialla.com

I realize that a postcard needs to be of a certain thickness, so make sure you print this on thick cardstock that can be sent by post. Otherwise, you can even wrap this around an existing postcard to be sure it is sendable. Just download the file below in the paper format your prefer.

vintage-map-airmail-postcard-letter | vintage-map-airmail-postcard-a4

I would love to know what you think about printable postcard designs. Is it feasible for actual snail mail? Or will you use the design inside other packages? To decorate your planners, pocket letters and other correspondence? As always, would love to hear any design requests you might have as well.

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Vintage Map Airmail Postcard Printable PDF - Download on tortagialla.com