Grab these printable planner pages free instant downloads and create your own personal planner system because it’s never too late to get organized!

Grab these printable planner pages free instant downloads and create your own personal planner system because it's never too late to get organized! Download on

I know we all have personal preferences when it comes to our very own planners. I’m certainly always searching for planner peace myself! One thing I’ve learned from trying different planners, systems and printables – is that you just have to actually USE whatever planner you choose. It doesn’t matter if it’s a printed hardbound planner, your own bullet journal or various printable sheets.

Sounds obvious, but the best planner is whatever planner you actually use!

Of course, we all have personal preferences, so that’s why there are so many options out there. You never know what might drive you to love your planner or perhaps to hate and abandon it instead. I think it’s important to try different things to see what really suits your life. It’s also important to note that our lifestyles change over time, so it’s not uncommon to have to tweak or change your system altogether.

Since I work primarily at my desk, I actually don’t need a bound planner to carry around. I find it more freeing to use loose sheets of paper. I think it’s because planning for me is about getting all the things out of my head and on paper. However, I rarely look back on weeks that have already passed. I’m totally done with them!

So I switched to printable planner pages that give me the ultimate flexibility without breaking the bank!

I’m able to try a variety of layouts and planning systems, creating my own printables… instead of spending on fancy planners that I might abandon after just a month of use. We all know how costly planners are these days, right? They are so trendy and the cost has just been going up and up. Granted, many are guidebooks with lots of other sections and advice, not just empty calendar pages.

However, for me personally, I’ve found that simplicity is the best.

I’ve created a straightforward monthly list page for important dates and a weekly planner sheet with a Monday start. There’s just enough room for a couple daily tasks or appointments on each day, plus a spot for dinner plans. Then there’s two lined lists at the bottom for this week to do’s and next week to do’s. That’s it!

I find it to be a time saver to not have to draw out my layouts week to week and because I get my creative fix of art and journaling in other places, I truly use these planner sheets for planning and that’s it. I certainly want something nice and neat to look at, but I don’t keep these pages for the rest of my life. I rarely look back at old pages honestly!

For now, I’ve settled upon these two planner pages that I use regularly. I wanted to share these printable planner pages as a free download, in hopes they might help you along your planner journey. I also made a video of how easy it is to setup for a new month.

Grab the free printable planner downloads below and feel free to share with others, linking back to this post. The PDF downloads are designed for LETTER page size, but you can easily print on A4 paper, which is what I do here in Europe.

Printable Planner Pages Free Downloads

Download Monthly Planner Page LETTER PDF
Download Weekly Planner Page LETTER PDF

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