I’m an A4 paper size scrapper…because it happens to be the normal paper size here in Europe. This means I can print my own scrapbook paper pretty easily, using the borderless printing setting. It works pretty well and gives me instant gratification, especially for easy design backgrounds. Word jumbles, vintage textures and music note pages are quick and easy to print out, without emptying your entire ink cartridge.

Since most scrappers work in the 12″x12″ size, unless you have a large format printer, I realize it’s not going to be easy to print your own paper at home. In fact, I’ve heard of the printing and cutting machines that haven’t exactly made a splash in the scrapbooking consumer industry. I suppose, it’s just too much trouble and takes up too much ink.

Despite the limitations, I still think printing at home gives you power and choice! You can print out backing papers when you only need a small piece. Or if you need a photomat, you can actually just print the frame part that will show, saving ink. There are a lot of applications and possible uses,┬áso don’t discount the print at home technique. It’s part of your toolbox – it’s an option! Have you tried printing at home? Any tips or tricks?

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