This month I decided to watch the video interviews on CreativeLive by Chase Jarvis and get some daily inspiration, motivation and wisdom. I’ve decided to blog about the series, logging my thoughts and takeaways…

Day 15 creative genius – Ramit Sethi.

I’ve heard of Ramit Sethi before, but never got into his website or work previously. I was definitely intrigued after listening to this interview. I think his blog definitely goes to sharing nuggets of wisdom that might even seem like common sense at first. At least for the little of what I have seen so far.

I think the big takeaway is about getting to work and the possibility of whatever dream or passion you might have. Sethi speaks as if it’s all doable, you just got to figure it out. It might be hard work and take time, but yeah, it’s doable. Almost non-chalant.

I’m interested in exploring a bit more and checking out Sethi’s blog to learn more. Sometimes I feel a bit removed having little kids and not always being able to relate to xyz tactic or method. But I understand that it’s more important to learn concepts and apply strategy to my specific situation. What can I extract and use… even if situations are different?

Because obviously, we are all on our unique journey and nothing is the same. It’s never going to pan out exactly the same.

Although sometimes I feel like the claims are bit marketing salesy – I realize that there’s research that backs it up and perhaps I should listen up, before dismissing it all.

That’s actually a good point that was brought up in this interview, about how smart people sometimes want to skip the “known” stuff and get to the meat of things. Too much impatience and not building up the foundation. I must admit that is something I struggle with as well.

You can watch this interview by signing up for FREE – 30 Days of Genius at CreativeLive. Enjoy!

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