I started reading The Willpower Instinct (Amazon affiliate link) by Kelly McGonigal Ph.D. and literally could not stop! Although we are meant to work through a chapter a week, the information provided is just so interesting! I wanted more. Maybe this is a prime example of no willpower and going on impulse?

I literally wanted to take notes, like when a class lecture is seriously SUPER interesting and you don’t mind writing your heart out. Maybe this is the nerd in me.

I suppose one of the coolest aspects is that some of the information revealed, sounds familiar. Perhaps it was mentioned in a magazine or a blog article. But now I get to hear it from the scientific perspective and understand the why behind it all. Even simple things, like why do people always say, take deep breaths… never really thought about it before.

Of course, this book is definitely written for a general audience, not scientific journal style. It’s very easy to understand and always presents the practical – what you should do with this information side of things. How nerdy is it for me to rave about this book?!

I don’t want to rush through this book, but I have a feeling that I will be going through it several times.

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