I’m at the third chapter of The Artist’s Way (here’s a link to the copy I bought on Amazon) and I am already flailing a bit on morning pages. Sometimes I totally forget until later in the day. I suppose that I don’t pick up long-term habits so easily. However, I do think the stream of consciousness writing is helpful. In fact, I’ve always done it in the past… but usually only in times of need. Making it a practice means that you can always sound off and get things off your chest. I like that aspect of it.

Reading The Artist's Way: Recovering a Sense of Power

There were many moments of nodding my head during the reading of this chapter. The feelings we go through, the ups and downs and struggles as a creative. I could definitely relate and it was nice to hear someone experienced talk about it and offer some advice. I suppose, it’s like having a mentor of sorts… the sharing of knowledge from experiences… only this is a book…LOL!

There was a particular section that struck me. The section about shame.

I never really thought that I might be blocked by shame, but I certainly face that “not good enough” or “not a big enough achievement” feeling at times. I am hard on myself and ever since I was a kid… I’ve always found it hard to accept compliments and praise.

Somehow I didn’t know that you can just accept it and simply say thank you and be happy. It doesn’t come naturally to me. I would always discount myself or note my doubts or brush it off as nothing – oh, no big deal. Why would I feel all weird about praise? I started thinking about it and… sort of all frustrated me. People have issues dealing with criticism… and here I am pushing away nice people who like my work?!

Well, I think I’ve since learned to say thank you and feel proud of my work. To accept what is given to me, not feel like I might not deserve the attention. Sometimes we have to psych ourselves up…we ARE worthy. I’ve come a long way since way back in my childhood days, so I’m happy about that. Perhaps it is something that comes with time, intertwined with self-esteem and confidence.


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