“…what we can handle intellectually far outstrips what we can handle emotionally,” from chapter 8 of Cameron’s book… wow, the statement really struck me. I think it’s because I’ve been learning a lot about Ayn Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism. I’ve been thinking a lot about freedom and selfishness, reason and faith, life and living it. Definitely engaged in my reading of The Artist’s Way (here’s a link to the copy I bought on Amazon)

Reading The Artist's Way: Recovering a Sense of Strength

I’ve often stated that I can understand something, logically, reasonably… but then there’s how I feel emotionally. Such a difference at times, most of the times? I don’t yet know, if my reason is supposed to be able to control my emotions… or if they really are separate… or if there really is some miracle at work beyond all our reason. Lots of philosophical thoughts swirling in my head for sure.

But going back to this chapter, I did find myself gaining strength from realizing that my core values have been there all this time, perhaps I had simply not been relying on them enough. When Cameron shares her story of forging her own path, I was re-energized. When people told her that you have to do this and that and this and then maybe you might get what you want… she finally learned to just go out and grab it for herself. Make it happen. It all reminded me of Do the Work by Steven Pressfield as well. I’ve come to realize not only must you do the work, you must accept losses, overcome defeats and keep moving forward above all. And the best thing is that we all have the ability and strength to do so…I truly believe it.

At the end of this chapter, I really took to heart Cameron pointing out that large change occurs in tiny increments. It is much more approachable, thinking of the small daily things we can do…rather than defeating ourselves in worrying about the far away unseen goal.

Although I have not “religiously” (LOL) been following everything in the book, I am still learning a lot and enjoying the process.


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