free printable snail mail stationery set

Need some pretty snail mail stationery for your next correspondence? Be sure to take advantage of this free printable snail mail stationery set download!

To promote the fine art of letter writing, I wanted to create a set of printable stationery for my fellow Letter Writers Alliance members (and all stationery lovers out there) to use in their letterwriting hobby.

Printable Snail Mail Stationery Set - Envelope and matching stationery paper printables

There’s something amazing about taking the time to sit down and handwrite a letter. Whether you are sending it across town or across the globe, your chosen envelope, paper and decorations with your handwritten words will be transported into the hands of another person. It’s magical! These letters create connection that no email, text message or even video message can do. It’s just not the same, right?

I have always written to my friends and family, but only just recently started various other pen pal related experiments and realizing there’s a real need for more stationery. I’ve created a stationery set for LWA last year, but thought it was definitely time to share again.

This time around I created a full-color and designed a cute little birdie snail mail illustration with matching envelope as printable stationery set. You can download and print as many copies as you need – that’s why I love printable stationery! There’s the option of Letter and A4 paper size PDFs to download as well, so good for everyone across the globe.

The stationery paper design is two on each sheet and if you can print up to the edge of paper with your printer that is great, if not just select “Autofit” in your printer, so it’ll automatically size the PDF to fit in your printing area. Then you can trim away the excess white if that bothers you. The envelope template is on the second page of the PDF download.

Download Snail Mail Stationery Set LETTER
Download Snail Mail Stationery Set A4

I hope you enjoy this snail mail stationery printable for personal use only. I’m always happy to hear that snail mailers enjoy using my designs and it feels great to do my little bit, since my thing is design. This is how I can contribute a little bit of good in the world.

These days it’s easy enough to print your own stationery at home. However, you can also send these files to your local print/copy shop if you want professional services or lots of copy to stock up on your favorite design. Your stationery cubby will be full of goodness 🙂

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