This month I decided to watch the video interviews on CreativeLive by Chase Jarvis and get some daily inspiration, motivation and wisdom. I’ve decided to blog about the series, logging my thoughts and takeaways…

Day 18 creative genius – Sophia Amoruso.

Founder of Nasty Gal and author of #girlboss, Sophia Amoruso is what Jarvis calls a powerhouse.

It’s amazing that she had such initiative at a young age, although she says she didn’t have a plan or really know what she was getting into. Quite simply, she hustled and kept trying different things to test out what worked.

I love how down to earth and straightforward she is in her conversation. She talks about how you don’t need to know the lingo or have influential friends to do what you want to do. She seems like such a calm person, it’s a bit bizarre against her brand “nasty gal” – huh?

I think this interview really brings big success and a fair amount of fame, back down to reality. It’s not untouchable, it’s not impossible and it can very much happen in our universe. Possibility, I suppose?

You can watch this interview by signing up for FREE – 30 Days of Genius at CreativeLive. Enjoy!

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