travelling mail for snail mail lovers

I recently learned about travelling mail and had to share with all of you! Basically, travelling mail is snail mail that eventually is sent back to you who started it all. The idea is to send something to someone, who then sends it to another, and then to another… until finally the last person sends it back to you. Each recipient would have added something to the mail that is being passed around.


It really reminds me of a slam book or smash book or sort of journal-along type of idea, but with snail mail. I really loved the idea and I wanted to take part immediately! I learned about travelling mail from MyGreenCow and joined her Travelling Mail Facebook group to get started. From there, it was easy to find enthusiastic recipients!


I decided to create a bunch of travelling notebooks, to collect inspiration and stories from others that would eventually make their way back to me. Of course, I handbound the journals using an envelope as the cover and regular white paper inside, to keep it as light as possible for mailing. But the point of using an envelope was because I wanted the pocket at the back to slip in goodies to share (guess that counters the whole light for shipping thing, LOL!)


I think it turned out pretty cute in the end and I also left the cover minimal, so each recipient could add to it. I have sent off the notebooks today and so excited to think about who will get them over time and when they might arrive back to me! They will certainly be filled with creative inspiration!


I think it’s a great way to connect with others, play creatively and snail mail around the world. I hope you might try travelling mail as well. I will definitely report back when these notebooks arrive back to me, one at a time. Let me know if you have tried it and how it turns out. Happy snail mailing!


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