Write a letter with rainbow stationery to make a difference!

There have been a lot of crazy, shocking and sad news lately in current affairs. Often I stay pretty quiet about such topics, because I really just don’t know what to say or do. One feels so small and helpless at times. But I’ve come to realize that we must all do whatever we can – however big or small it might be.

I’ve been thinking about how writing a letter can make such a big difference. It’s no surprise that formal communications are always written – it makes more impact! If you want to voice your opinion consider writing to your representative as LetterMo.com posts here. Write a letter and send more mail, because I believe it can make a difference.

I decided to do my part and also design some printable stationery to get you writing as well! I realize that I can do a little more by sharing more printable stationery – something that I love to create. So please enjoy the rainbow stationery download below and #sendmoremail.


Rainbow Stationery LETTER

Rainbow Stationery A4

For those outside the USA, you can also write letters to promote happiness and positive action. That also makes a difference in this world – and I think that’s why there has been such a trend of sending #happymail because it really does make folks happy. Think of your recipient and how it can change the course of their day! Small gesture, big return.

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