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Free Printable Valentine Signs

Valentine SignsHey there folks!  Have you made plans for the special day coming up?  Certainly my lovey dovey and I feel that Valentine’s Day has become a very consumer driven holiday, pushing everyone to buy, buy, buy!   I don’t think St. Valentino had that in mind at all (although the history of this day has highs and lows as well as multiple saints).  The original tradition, if you had to boil it down, was to exchange written greetings as a symbol of your love for each other.  Sadly, mass produced greeting cards have definitely taken over the old fashioned habit of sending a genuine love letter from the heart.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day which is really just around the corner,  I hope my Valentine Signs inspire you to write something personal to your loved one, as well as add a little spunky fun to your special day together.  I first designed a “Love Stop” Valentine Sign in Adobe Illustrator as I had the idea to make this sign to put up in the house.  After starting the design, I kept going when I realized there were more road signs I could convert to a more romantic fashion.  It’s the perfect idea to create an obstacle course of love (so to speak) for when a loved one returns home after a long day, perhaps?  Anyway, you can use your own imagination for the uses.  I also want to make some cards out this idea as well, it’s pretty cute to use the road sign analogy – something we probably don’t find amusing normally, but with love all over it’s a nice twist.

Please let me know what you end up using this for and share you ideas and comments.  I hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day (whether with a significant other or your family and friends) – have fun with it!

Download the Valentine Signs – For the Road of Love PDF (194 kb)

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