Never forget birthdays or important events using this 2020 quarterly calendar printable to track dates and see an overview of when you need to prepare!

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I’ve always been intrigued by all the beautiful bullet journal layouts created for collecting all kinds of information and it’s definitely an addiction to keep scrolling on Instagram! There are so many beautiful and functional ways to keep important notes.

Recently, I saw this general layout for a calendaring system and I thought it was perfect for keeping track of birthdays and special events. Designed with the calendar up top and a list format to write out important dates, you can keep track of things on a monthly, quarterly basis and truly see the entire year at-a-glance.

I realized that it was perfect as a reminder on the wall, to make sure I send out those birthday cards and event related occasions. So important to keep connected with friends and family, right?

So I’ve designed this as a printable to add to my system and even though it fits nicely in a binder planner, it’s actually quite nice taped up on the wall as well!

Download the 2020 Quarterly Calendar Printable PDF

2020 quarterly calendar pages - free PDF download printable

2020 Quarterly Calendar Printable

What’s next?

Enjoy this 2020 quarterly calendar printable and hopefully we’ll never forget to send out those birthday cards!

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