Telegram Stationery

By the request of a lovely tortagialla newsletter subscriber, I’ve taken my telegram printable design from years ago and transformed it into a full set of stationery printables to share here on the blog! It was actually easy to do since the design already existed. I simply formatted it into a printable set of stationery including stationery paper lined and blank and a matching envelope. I’ve created both black and white as well as the full color aged versions as well. I thought perhaps some people might like to print the full color design, but others might try to age it themselves! It can be fun with tea and coffee with the kids to age the design printed on regular white paper.

Just choose the color and paper size of your choice below and download the printable PDF file. You can print whichever pages you would like to use.

Telegram Stationery Set LETTER WHITE

Telegram Stationery Set LETTER AGED

Telegram Stationery Set A4 WHITE

Telegram Stationery Set A4 AGED

I hope you enjoy and please let me know or tag me @tortagialla on social media if you like the design.

As I was editing and working in Illustrator, looking at my telegram design from many many years ago, I realize that it is super simple. If I created the design today, I would definitely use different font and add more details. Would you be interested in another vintage telegram design? Let me know!

Please spread the word and share!

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