The Pixel and Paper Series highlights digital techniques and products for scrapbookers like you and me. I believe that everyone should consider digital elements to be a part of their scrapbooking toolbox, so let’s learn together what the possibilities are. Each week, I’ll be sharing the opinion of a real-life scrapbooker to reveal how they use digital in their scrapbooking. Each post will also offer a freebie download to help you get started on your pixel and paper journey. Enjoy!

Introducing… Steph from the Daily Digi

StephHeadshot721Steph is the owner of, host of and most recently started up She’s been in the industry of scrapbooking for a long time and she defines “digital scrapbooking” as anything using technology to document memories. I love all the information she shares, from tips to techniques to picks and reviews. It’s all about inspiration and motivation to document life. I had to ask her about the digital versus paper divide…

Steph says:

My definition of digital scrapbooking is different than most. I define digital scrapbooking as any kind of memory keeping that involves a digital or technology element. Blogging, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, typing, smart phone photos, etc. If you are grabbing journaling or photos off Facebook to include on a layout, then you are a digital scrapbooker! If you are using your smartphone photos, then you are a digital scrapbooker. The lines that used to pervasively divide the digital scrapbooker from the traditional scrapbooker really started blurring about 3 years ago. Those lines continue to blur as technology becomes more and more part of our everyday life; something that we rely on. As these methods of memory keeping are becoming a standard, using Photoshop to add text to a photo to print and put on a traditional paper page, becomes less intimidating. Figuring out how to use that super cute font with my electronic cutter seems like a doable task.

Some of the tools and techniques that digital scrapbookers often use, are looks that traditional scrappers want as well. Fun filters on photos; adding frames, borders, or words to a photo before printing. Adding personalized text to a journaling card. Using a journaling card that was created digitally because you can adjust the colors to coordinate with everything else, but not have to run out or wait for something to be shipped.

The brilliant thing about all of the choices and options is that there are SO MANY OPTIONS! None of them are right or wrong; only what works best for YOU! What makes your memory-keeping-heart, sing the most is what you need to do, because in the end, it’s only the memories that matter!

It’s All About Options

I love Steph’s point of view, especially her broad definition of what digital scrapbooking can be. With all the choices out there, I think that many of us might be scrapbooking without knowing it. These days with social media, we are all capturing and archiving our lives in one way or another. Why not take the next step to recognize this and share it? Because I know that one of the most rewarding parts of scrapbooking is sharing the memories with friends and family… you can relive the beautiful moments together.

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For a mountain load of inspiration and scrapbooking goodness, do check out and by Steph. I’m sure you’ll gather inspiration information and be on your way memory keeping with technology!

Try It For Yourself

I thought it would be fun to create some designs that are social media inspired, given the fact that we all document a part of our lives through social media streams. I hope you will find the imagery fun to use in your scrapbooking, online and offline!


Download BTP_SocialMediaSampler

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