Looking for some cute and simple free printable hearts? Check out this set of 10 printable patterned papers in black and white with various heart patterns.

Free printable hearts black and white paper variations - free download of simple repeating heart patterned papers.

Sometimes the simplest designs can be the most difficult to find out there. That’s why I created these super simple heart paper patterns. They are black and white and super easy to print out for a variety of crafty projects.

I’ve just been craving more minimalism and simplicity these days. So these heart paper designs come from an effort to strip down. I often have the feeling of wanting to add more – somehow thinking it will automatically make things better. Just throw more at it, right?

But it’s almost like a curse! More is not always better, maybe it’s even worse, causing a lot of confusion. So I’m trying to get used to idea of less is more.

These free printable hearts are minimal pattern designs with over ten different variations to choose from. You can use them plainly in black and white or color them up yourself.

Preview of heart paper printables - free download on tortagialla.com - 10 different heart paper variations to choose from.

Just download the whole set of heart papers above, clicking the download link. It should be super easy to print these on inkjet or laser printers alike. I really love sharing patterned papers, because I feel that they are the most versatile.

You can use these heart papers in your scrapbooking, travelers notebooks, journaling or planner decoration. They make a perfect base for all kinds of paper crafting projects. Enjoy!

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