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Leading up to the new year, I’m sharing my planning process for 2018 and posting the printables I’m using here on the blog.

The final step is the most crucial and that is to check-in, review and adjust your plans! 

When a new year rolls around, I think it’s natural for all of us to want to start fresh, embark on new endeavors and plan for an amazing year.

However, the reality of life is that no matter how meticulous or amazing our plans might be, they often have to change with the times and situation. Or unexpected factors might enter and adjustments must be made.

So it’s actually crucial to regularly check-in with goals, review your progress and adjust as necessary. Not only on the front of if you are following your plans, but how you feel throughout the process and evaluating if what you are working towards is actually what you want.

The only thing we can be sure of in life, is change, right?

So after making your grand plans and getting organizedcelebrating your successes, facing your challengesauditing your time, brain dumping, and making your amazing plans of action – don’t forget to regularly check-in on your progress, evaluate the situation and adjust as necessary.

I recommend doing this monthly and also quarter, so that you aren’t always only looking back on the previous month… but taking in big chunks of time all together to see any patterns or big picture realizations.

I have always resisted doing these kind of exercises, thinking it was all woo woo and fluff. But it is so helpful to take some time to journal out your feelings, thoughts and take stock of the situation. It’s as simple as that, but so many people never stop to look back and see how they can improve!

Without taking stock, you might be heading in a direction successfully, but that doesn’t resonate with your needs and wants in the end.

Don’t skip the checking-in with yourself and allowing yourself the time to reflect and ultimately adjust your plans. 

Download the worksheet below in your preferred paper size to help you check-in, review and adjust your plans every month and quarter.

check-in review printable

TG Planning6 Review A4

TG Planning6 Review LETTER

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