Use this free printable download to brainstorm kids activity ideas, because we need to keep them busy and help them grow and learn at the same time!

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Need Ideas To Keep The Kids Busy?

When my kids are home for the whole summer, it can be a real challenge to get them active and learning… when the tendency to be lazy and sloth-like is so strong, especially if it’s super hot. But even during the normal school year, I often find myself forgetting some of the amazing activities we have done in the past… I need more activity ideas to present to them!

I realized it was time to make a list and get all the ideas into one place, so we could reference a list whenever we need inspiration. That’s how the idea for this printable came to be… a functional printable that helps you document all the kid activity ideas that work for you and your kids!

Activity Ideas Brainstorming

I designed a printable sheet with a couple categories to help with my brainstorming and documentation process. Sometimes I need the kids to entertain themselves (more often than not!) but I also want them to be doing educational activities and something enriching – as much as possible – rather than vegging out in front of the television.

So I created a few categories, to make sure we hit some major building blocks of growth. From reading to exercise to field trips to DIY craft time – and finally a more column as a catch-all for all other ideas.

As the days go by, I keep adding to my list and printing more sheets as necessary. There are so many different activities to propose to the kids, so here’s just a few ideas for you to add to your printable sheet:

  • reading a new book
  • acting out a well-loved book in storytime theater style
  • head to the library or bookstore for browsing books
  • try kids yoga videos together
  • make your own mini zines with paper (or write your own story)
  • exercise challenges like 50 jumprope or other milestone
  • create an obstacle course
  • visit a museum, discovery center, garden (you can create a bucket list)
  • make slime
  • make a paper house printable
  • cook or bake a snack together
  • scavenger hunt
  • build a sofa fort together
  • gardening or growing plants experimentation
  • shadows and light playtime
  • anatomy lesson with printable dolls
  • printable coloring sheets
  • and much more…

Download Kids Activity Ideas Printable

Use this free printable download to brainstorm kid activity ideas, because we need to keep them busy and help them grow and learn at the same time!

How many ideas can you think of? One thing that has helped me is to look back through my camera roll of photos and scrapbooks. Those are great places to jog our memories about great experiences and activities!

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Collect all the kid activity ideas that work for your family in one place with this free printable download. Make sure they are learning and having fun at the same time!

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