Free Cozy Winter Patterned Paper Printables

Looking for some cute free cozy winter patterned paper printables? Check out these digital papers to download instantly for free!

Digital papers in a cozy winter theme for free download on

Here are some super cute patterned papers I designed for the winter holiday season – cozy winter! I thought it would be perfect to share these papers with other papercrafters and paperlovers.

You can use these designs as printables to wrap little gifts, make gift tags, collage in your holiday art journal or for planner decor. There are so many possibilities when it comes to pretty paper – just print and start creating!

I would love to know how you use these cute designs, so don’t hesitate to comment below, drop me a note or tag me on social media @tortagialla

Download these free cozy winter patterned paper printables…

Grab these hi-resolution 12″x12″ patterned paper JPGs via the link above and tell all your paper loving crafty friends to visit this blog post and download. I would appreciate you spreading the word and sharing the love… thank you in advance!

Preview of cozy winter patterned paper printables.

Download Cozy Winter Patterned Paper ZIP

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Looking for some cute free cozy winter patterned paper printables? Check out these digital papers to download instantly for free!

Cozy Winter Patterned Paper Printable on

Free Printable Vintage Globe Card plus Coordinating Patterned Paper

Download this freebie printable vintage globe card and matching patterned paper for all your vintage paper crafting projects.

free printable vintage globe card and paper

If you love old maps, this printable vintage globe card is definitely the stationery printable for you. Wish someone bon voyage or make some old world papercrafts with this freebie printable card and matching patterned paper.

When I saw this vintage globe map design, I knew I had to create some printables with it. I created this bon voyage travel greeting card printable and I think it can be great for wishing someone a great trip or just to spark conversation about traveling together. Make plans to have an adventure with friends, right?

Additionally, I’ve also created a variation of the vintage globe card design onto a 12×12 patterned sheet of paper, so you can print for all your papercrafting projects. It will be so fun to create junk journals, art journals and travelers notebooks with this design. So you can print at home or readily have it printed at your local print shop for larger prints and different paper.

Doesn’t the vintage globe look just make you feel like flipping through old books in the library stacks? I have always loved the smell of old books. But if you don’t want to destroy actual vintage books, use this printable instead. You can print as many copies as you need.

Download Vintage Globe Card and Paper

Printable Vintage Globe Map Card LETTER
Printable Vintage Globe Map Card A4

Printable Vintage Globes Paper

Enjoy this free vintage printable and feel free to share the link with your crafty friends.

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Free Printable Pink Chevron Editable Stationery + Patterned Paper

free printable pink chevron stationery

Thought I would try something different with a pink chevron design that has a customizable text area.

So the printable stationery can be printed as is or opened up in Adobe Acrobat and the text edited – pretty cool right?

The default text says “From the desk of…” but you can change it to your initials or name or another phrase.

I hope you enjoy this new type of stationery and I thought I would include the pink chevron pattern as a 12×12″ patterned paper.

Download your preferred paper size below and enjoy!

pink chevron

Pink Chevron Paper

Pink Chevron Stationery Editable A4

Pink Chevron Stationery Editable LETTER

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Free Printable – Essential Oil Sayings Patterned Paper

After posting this bright and happy oily sayings designs as a free printable greeting card here, I decided to offer the design as 12×12 patterned paper as well… for those who want to use it as wrapping paper or within other papercrafting projects.

It’s such a cute design to include in your happy mail or even documentation, like scrapbooking and art journaling… if essential oils are part of your life, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have themed paper for it!

Please remember my free printables are for personal use only. Feel free to share with your friends and social media 🙂

Download EO Words Patterned Paper

I use essential oils from doTERRA to support my health, balance my emotions, improve my focus and kickstart my day with upbeat motivation! If you are interested in learning more about essential oils check out my essential oil video series here or contact me directly for more information.


Tips for Hybrid Scrapbooking: Printing Your Own Patterned Paper

You might have guessed from my blog name, BackToPaper, that I  ventured into the digital world too far and eventually found my way back to the tactile world of sweet, lovely paper. Indeed I was a digital junkie since age 14, chatting on IRC with friends and building my own blinky marquee type websites. I was a totally geek and started blogging and eventually got into all aspects of digital design. Years later, I just fell out of it all. Little time in college and even less time when I started working.

When being on the computer became a work activity, I yearned for off screen time. I turned to old fashioned crafting and handmade hobbies. Over time, I realized there was a need for balance. I love digital for so many reasons, but love the non-digital as well. Perhaps it is not surprising that my scrapbooking is hybrid to the core. Nowadays, isn’t it always hybrid with printing digital photos and journaling? But why not take it a step further and print your own pattern paper?

I’ve found that it’s really easy and simple to print all those beautiful digital scrapbooking papers you see – check out my shop! When it comes to printing at home, you need only to pay attention to a few things. A few tests later and you’ll be well on your way to hybrid scrapbooking.

Probably the most important aspect of printing at home, is choosing what paper you print on. Regular cardstock usually isn’t going to give you the vibrant colors you see on screen. I print all my papers on matte photo paper. It gives me the best color quality and it makes total sense, it’s for photos after all. See the two sheets of green chevron paper in my photo? The top sheet is on photo paper, the bottom on regular cardstock. Significant difference.

Check your printer settings! Many home printers have the option for borderless printing and custom sizes. This means you can print exactly what you need, not necessarily waste a whole sheet if you don’t need it. So remember to dig into those printer settings and options and check your paper size.

Print quality setting makes a huge difference in the final result. People seem to not believe there is a difference, but you usually don’t see it unless you print the same image using all the quality types. Then you can see the actual difference. It’s always best to use te highest quality possible! I’ve noticed that on certain types of paper settings, the high option is not possible for my printer. This actually makes sense, because without the proper paper, you aren’t going to see the results.

When the printer, ink, paper and settings are all in sync, you get the best possible result from your equipment. Probably the biggest tip, is to read the manual for your printer and figure out what it can do. You’ll be surprised… following directions actually helps. I’ve been printing my own patterned paper and loving the results and freedom it allows. If I need something, just print it, no need to run to the store!