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Free Printable - Vintage Journal Cards

I’m all for color and cute designs, but there’s definitely a special place in my heart for shabby papers, aged ephemera and the oh-so-warm earthy colors of anything vintage.

I think it’s pretty amazing that we can scan real-world items into the computer, so that we can manipulate them, remix and ultimately create lots of neo-vintage inspired designs. Yeah, I think I just made up that term neo-vintage.

I realize these new designs do not hold the true stories of real-life ephemera, but I still enjoy the design process of mixing and matching and being able to share the end result with you.

I created these set of 10 vintage journal cards and wanted to share with a little bit of the old world. You can download the files below and print them out for your own paper collaging and decor. They are designed to be 4×6″ cards, but you can easily print at a smaller percentage for your traveler’s notebooks and art journals.

Download Vintage Journal Cards ZIP

I really love including little hints of the vintage look in my art journals and sketchbooks. I feel that the earthy paper tone somehow grounds everything onto the page and love the look. I hope you enjoy these printables and feel free to tell all your vintage paper loving friends.

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